Being There when Needed Most

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Victor Hill, 42 years old and homeless, had his backpack stolen in NYC after being discharged from a New Jersey State Mental Facility. His backpack had the prescriptions for his despression medication that he knew was extremely important to take regularly. Victor went to several hospitals in Manhattan to try to get a new prescription written, but the doctors there said they couldn’t prescribe him anything. After two weeks with no success, Victor finally got the contact information for Community Health Advocates from a person at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. A few days later Victor came into CHA for help and left with a prescription for his medication, reinstated Medicaid coverage, and a MetroCard. “I was very surprised, by the care and compassion I found here. They went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. At the end of the day I had answers, I had medication, and the Medicaid issue was resolved. That was so impressive. All the things you guys have done—it’s possible that it saved my life.”